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So ... [Jul. 7th, 2006|10:32 am]
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[Current Location |London]
[Current Mood |sombre]

A year ago today, I was starting an IT induction course at a Housing Association in central London. I'd got to work on time, leaving Ilford about 8.20am, getting to Liverpool Street and transferring to the Circle Line, getting through Kings Cross to Euston Square, and then round the corner to work.

The bomb in Tavistock Square wasn't going to go off for another 40 minutes or so.

I'm aware that if you plotted a map of the trains where and when the bombs went off, and if you assumed that the fourth bomber had got onto the Northern Line heading to Edgeware or High Barnett, and then drew a circle around those four points, that at 08.50 I was inside that circle. King's Cross station was being evacuated as my train went through, so we didn't stop, but station evacuations happen frequently enough on the Tube that you drift back into the comfort of your music, carry on reading the paper, and give thanks that some stupid fool hasn't left an unattended bag at your station. After all, that's what, statistically, it's going to be. Not a bomb. Not four bombs.

So the training course started, and we broke for coffee at 10.45 and I checked LiveJournal. And then I checked the BBC website, and I made my first post of the day. "Still alive." Not often you get to say that with meaning. And just like 9/11, where I was sat in an office in Hastings, Blathering(tm) and catching up, the web became the way that we let each other know those two important words.

"Still alive."

Reports came in in comments, in mine and in other people's LiveJournals. jimfer was in Nottingham, westernind had got to Liverpool Street at 9am and was sitting in a coffee shop there, having been shopping in M&S because there was nothing else to do. She was still being told it was "power surges" by the police while LJ was telling her that it was 'much worse'. feistyredhead was at home and ingenue_the was still stuck in Central London, as was forbinproject.

Eventually, the roll-call was complete - everyone in our extended family was okay. I walked from Euston to Liverpool Street, got home, and went for a meal with my friends. It was a sunny day, and there were a lot of people out on the streets, peering around like slightly myopic moles forced to navigate by a whole new, unfamiliar geography.

My journey home
A week later
Ian's description of London
Ken Livingstone's statement

I started writing this at 9.20am. It's taken me 70 minutes to write, because of reading what was going on back then.

Still alive.

[User Picture]From: renniek
2006-07-07 09:58 am (UTC)
It's brought lots of memories flooding back for me too. Even though I wasn't in London, even though everyone I knew in London turned up OK, it was an effort not to cry watching BBC news this morning.
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[User Picture]From: valkyriekaren
2006-07-07 11:04 am (UTC)
Thank you. I spent the 2-minute silence reading these pieces, remembering that day, its precursors and its repercussions.
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[User Picture]From: r0wan
2006-07-07 05:24 pm (UTC)
A year ago today I was meant to be in London on a training course also. The course didnt start till lunchtime so we were gonna check out oxford street in the morning. I was meant to get into Kings Cross at 08:55...

A year ago yesterday, my boss and I decided to miss the rush hour and catch a later train.

I still cry thinking about it. I really dont understand human nature. Thank you for posting this. No one at work even mentioned it, and its playing on my mind all day. The tragedy is just so pointless.

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