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Lazyweb question [Mar. 28th, 2012|09:11 pm]
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How does one go about buying art that might appear at an art auction?

There's a print that I'd really like to get a copy of - there were only ever 200 or so prints. I know the artist, I know the name of the print.

Is there an easy way (other than setting up a Google alert) to find out if one of these prints is going to be offered at auction somewhere?

[User Picture]From: nortysarah
2012-03-28 09:38 pm (UTC)


Find out which galleries specialise in said artist or ask them yourself if they're still alive. If they're recently dead, their work might be property of their family who might release a few pieces each year. It really depends on the artist. If they're a RA, you could find out more there xx
[User Picture]From: jfs
2012-03-28 11:51 pm (UTC)


These were prints distributed in WW2 - I'm pretty sure the artist is dead now, but searching for galleries is a good idea.

[User Picture]From: nortysarah
2012-03-29 06:34 am (UTC)


Ah ok. RA = Royal Academy, you could also try the National and Portrait Galleries as they both have archives. If they're that old and you can't find anything, you could also do a search at the British Library as you might be able to find the artists obituary or will too, both might be useful.
[User Picture]From: agentinfinity
2012-03-29 06:26 pm (UTC)


Get on the mailing list for relevant auction houses and they will send you catalogues of upcoming sales. Employ an agent (but I guess that would cost a fair bit). Auction houses are interesting places - my dad used to drag me round them when he had a mid-life crisis and wanted to be Lovejoy. You could also find out where other prints have been sold in the past and contact the seller to ask if they could let you know if they acquire another.

There may be funcky technological ways to do this. But they didn't exist in the 80s so I am unaware ;-)